Freedom of Conscience

War Dog 6 Actual: Rumor Control


Richard Wrote:
If you know your belief system is one of many, you are part of a religion.

If you think your belief system is the universal truth, you are part of a cult.

I strongly believe in business tolerance, and I act accordingly in my professional life. My beliefs are part of a system that makes sense to me. My values enjoy their own karma. If I were to force some of my beliefs onto other people, their system as a whole may not be compatible. A forced merger of hypocritical values cannot help but produce horrific consequences, many of which may be unintended. Yet, at very least, we should anticipate that forcing others to act in ways repugnant to their values will naturally illicit hatred and violent attempts on their part to make our system fail.

I will not turn my religion into a cult. I will reason…

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