Juan Williams: Pamela Geller Lights Fires To See How Fast Fire Dept. Responds

Now that Juan and the rest of the left stream media articles and pundits have validated Jihadi murderers for insults, will they do the same for pro-life Christian Radicals who are offended at the abortion murder of innocent babies? No, but murder is murder whether for offense at insults or bloodlust and power. Murder is the shedding of innocent blood. Innocent being defined as void of physical offensive aggression. That is the balance point. The left and Muslims had better learn that, Christians have for the most part. If they have not, they are held accountable by law and by God.

Hannity immediately disagreed and criticized Williams for blaming the victim, who he implied was Geller.

“Sean, the victim is dead,” Williams responded. “[Geller] intentionally was provocative in her actions.”

War Dog 6 Actual: Rumor Control

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