The World Is Perfect For Its Purpose

Zionism/Catholicism/Protestantism/Islamism/Atheism/Scienceism/Homosexualism/Racism/Culturalism/Progressivism/Conservatism/Liberalism/Klanism/Libertarianism/Democratism/Socialism/Communism/kingism/Totalitarainism/(the beat goes on and on to some vision of the perfect world)

No religious, political economic or social belief system has the authority or right to demand that non-believers and non partakers submit to their laws, moral codes or “justice” system. That would be Lucifer’s way, to deny freedom of Agency, Conscience and Self Determination. That is the most damning level of evil for all mankind because it inhibits individual progression through self determination. No risk, no reward.

Every group of believers has the right of self defense against physical agression and oppression. Every group has the responsibility to respect the boundaries of Free Agency set by God and Nature. Those are the only laws that apply to all mankind. Violate them and you have determined the consequences you will face.

Humanity and Charity(Love) demand the protection of those too weak to defend themselves. Those who want to submit to lunacy will reap the consequences. Screw any ass wipe or group thereof who wants to subdue me and try to force me into their utopian vision of the world. I have my own Agency, Stewardship and Vision. I see the world are perfect for its purpose, individual progression to perfection as a child of God.

Long live The Free Constitutional Republic of The United States of America founded on the principles of life, liberty and self government.

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