The Comming War

US Warns China

Ukraine’s Poroshenko warns of ‘full-scale’ Russia invasion

ISIL May Go Nuclear

Iran Is Going Nuclear

China, Russia, and Islamic Jihad, I think, have the perception, created by implementation of the Progressive agenda, that the Free Constitutional Republic of the United States of America is divided and weak. Their biggest mistake will be to act on that assumption. Ignoring the historical moral fiber and political DNA of this people is unwise.

If we are going to war with China, Russia and Iran, we can handle it. We have done it several times already … plant a victory garden, get some chickins, and let your women fill in where ever there is “manpower” needed. We got this … my mama was a welder in WWII an my daddy was on the ships the girls built to send his ass to Japan for the invasion. Rah! This time though, you need to be “all in.”

The nation prepared for war can feed itself from its farms and gardens, shoot a deer at 300-500 yards, and be able to adapt to hellasious living conditions when needed, and never give up. Get on it, it’s comming.

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